“These are such fun to make. The children will be so happy when I give them away next week.” ~ Farmersville, USA

“Thank you very much for the beads. I wanted to tell you that they arrived today, on St. Theresa’s feast day! How appropriate! We love them. The girls are already trying to find presents for God.” ~ Parent from Rochester, USA

“I use the beads every morning to help me get out of bed and get to my ealry morning classes. One day I couldn’t find them and I was late, lol” ~ University student from Toronto, ON

“We received the beads today. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you have done! The beads are absolutely beautiful and the children will love them.” ~ Jacksonville, USA

“I just love my beads, I use them everyday!” ~ Youth from Toronto, Canada

“St. Theresa’s story and these beads are so beautiful. I want to spread St. Theresa’s story to everyone I can.” ~ Boksburg, South Africa

“Thank you for the sacrifice beads today is the 12th day of Lent. I did a lot of sacrifices. I’m 7 years old.” ~ Student from Omaha, USA

“God is great! …the kindergarten teacher loved the beads and the moms I know of loved them just as much! The teacher said she wished she had had these for the kids in her class since the beginning of the year….she would have encouraged their use all throughout the year! She asked if we could get some for her class next year!!!” ~ Parent from Miami, USA

“Wonderful!” ~ Newcastle , United Kindgom
“The Children love them. In fact one little girl came to me today and asked if she could have a sacrifice bead because she’s been making lots of sacrifices but wanted to keep track of them!!” ~ Kindergarden and Gr. 1 Teacher from Persia, USA

“The campers and their parents just love the beads, thank you again!” ~ Catholic Camp Coordinator from Orangeville, Canada

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