Stocking Craft for a Christmas gift, ornament or St. Nicholas Day!

December 1, 2010
Stocking Craft

A simple stocking craft for your family to enjoy for Christmas
or the feast St. Nicholas!

My daughter loves to be creative and make things but she also loves to give. So having a craft for her to make that turns into a gift after is perfect for us! I came up with this simple stocking craft idea which resulted in us spending the whole day – tracing, cutting, hole punching, stringing, writing, decorating and stuffing.

Step 1: Make a stencil of a stocking that fit on half a piece of paper

Step 2: Take a new piece of construction or card stock paper and folded it in half

Step 3:  Trace the stocking on to one side of the folded paper

Step 4: Cut the stocking up (you will end up with two identical stockings)

Step 5: Hold the two pieces of stocking together and hole punch from the one side around to the other

Step 6: Cut a piece of string or ribbon

Step 7: String the ribbon or string through both top holes of one side of the stocking and tie the ribbon or string.

Step 8: Sting the remainder of the ribbon or string through the stocking either top to bottom or to create a different look always from top to top

Step 9: Tie the ribbon or string off.

Step 10: Decorate

Step 11: Hang on the tree or fill with a little treat to make it a gift (we used little raisin boxes, stickers or small bite sized chocolates for ours)

We hope you enjoy making these as much as we did. My 2 year old son really loved helping string the stockings together (great fine motor skill builder).

They work as great ornaments once the recipient has opened and enjoyed their treat!


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