Cute and Easy Angel Craft for kids!

September 30, 2012
Angel Craft 3

Here is a simple craft for to use for the feast of the Holy Angels or to simply help teach your child or Sunday school class the Guardian Angel Prayer.

This can serve as a beautiful reminder that your child is always in the presence of their guardian angel!

Here is the  full colour pdf  cut out Angel Craft

Step 1 – Print PDF

Step 2 – Cut out pieces

Step 3 – Glue wings so that the thumbs are touching and over lapping.

Step 4 – Glue Angels hair onto wings

Step 5 – Glue White gown on to wings, tucked slightly under the hair

Step 6- Glue face on hair and gown

Step 7 – Draw a face and decorate the angel

Step 8 – Practice Prayer and enjoy!

*To personalize the craft only print the first page and then have your child trace their own hands on a coloured piece of paper to use for the wings.

To learn more about angels see Feast of the Holy Angels


  1. Amanda Laudadio
    Amanda Laudadio

    LOVE this, thanks so much for sharing! =) pax, amanda

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  3. Danielle Osborne
    Danielle Osborne

    How Do I get this PDF?

  4. Dede Donahoe
    Dede Donahoe

    thank you

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