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December 8, 2012
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In April our family began to start sharing jokes regularly with one another. My husband would look up new knock, knock jokes to share with our children – which would always result in lots of laughter and to our kids making their own knock, knocks and other jokes. Our four year old son really had a hard time getting the lines down at first he would tell them like this:

“Knock, knock” he would say “Who is..” I would start to reply and he would interrupt “Knock, knock who is there, who’s is the who!” it would lead me to giggling because he just wasn’t able to understand taking turns! But as time went on he started to grasp how to tell the jokes and really would get into it! One of his favorite jokes now is:

“Knock, knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Impatient cow!”
“Impatient cow MOOOOO!”

Which would lead to him making up one of his own such as:

“Knock, Knock”
“Who is there?”
“Cow who?”
“Can cow open the door!”

My daughter loved making up jokes and brainstorming about funny things different animals might do. When ever we had a gust over she would have to show them the jokes we had laid out with graphics to date! Here is one of the jokes she made of that we have included in the app:

As the months went on we started making up more of our own jokes. In the summer time when we were in a book store I saw a beautiful book in the children’s section with wonderful animal pictures – I showed it to my husband and said – you know you could make this with jokes so easily! The idea stayed in his mind for a few weeks and then one day he decided – he would make a joke app with beautiful animal images that kids could enjoy! We thought about it more and decided we would also add our families love of animals by including animal facts. Our family really enjoys animals – my older brother jokes that I am prepping my daughter to become a zoologist! We have enjoyed feeding animals at petting zoos, nature trails and farms so much – that when my son was two he would cry when we would go for a walk a wild squirrel or bird would not feed from his hand – he just could not grasp why they would not let him pet them or feed them!

We hope others enjoy this cute LittleCritter joke & animal fact app that we have enjoyed putting together so that other families can enjoy some wonderful laughs, make up their own jokes and enjoy each other’s company – at home, waiting at for an appointment or just when you need to add a little sunshine to your day!

Please feel free to share your families favorite joke or animal fact with us too – we would love to hear from you!

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