St. Thérése Sacrifice Beads are an excellent activity for groups, feasts, homeschooling or any day!

August 19, 2006
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  • A great activity to do with your youth group, camp, class, CWL,
    First Communion class, Confirmation class or on a retreat.
  • An excellent All Saints Day activity to do at a party, with your class, youth group or for home-schoolers!
  • Amazing tool to use during Lent and throughout the year.
  • Sacrifice Beads are especially good to use to help encourage good behaviour in children. They can challenge themselves to see just how many “presents” they can offer each day to God for souls.
  • Beads can be made in your groups special colours. One CWL had 350 made in yellow and blue for their annual convention. Another school had 500 made in their colours too!

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