Free St. Valentines Printable Cards and Crafts!

February 4, 2013
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St Valentine

Valentines Day seems to have started early in our house hold – my kids are busy making beautiful personalized Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends. We printed a nice little message, got some big foam hearts, small foam hearts and stickers from the dollar store and with their imagination they have created endless beautiful cards they can’t wait to give with love on the feast of St. Valentines! They have spend hours already and still have many hours to go to create a special message of love for everyone on their list! Who can blame their wonderful excitement – their joy if just contagious – the count down is one to celebrate this feast of love!



Easy Valentines Day Heart Crown!

If you have a special princess of prince in your life you might consider making a special heart crown for them – just cut out hearts about 3 – 4″ high all the same size and glue them in a circle to fit their heads and you have a beautiful crown of hearts!

About St. Valentine – from Happy Saints

‘Love One Another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.’ John 13:34

St. Valentine was a holy priest who lived during a time when Christians were not welcomed in the Roman Empire. He helped many who were imprisoned or were hiding from Roman soldiers. In the end, St. Valentine himself was captured and killed for his faith. He died on February 14, which became known as St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day became a lovers’ holiday because it was said that St. Valentine was killed for marrying Christian couples. Another tale had him writing letters of encouragement to the jailer’s daughter when he was in prison. What is important is that St. Valentine loved as Jesus loves. Jesus loves us so much He sacrificed His Life to save us. Likewise, St. Valentine risked and lost his life while helping others through selfless love. Let us love each other as Jesus loves us!

st valentine
Click here to download the above free St. Valentines Day Card  PDF (Can be used free for personal and non-commercial use only!)

If you like this free resource and want some more than visit the Happy Saints project where you can download a couple more free printable or you can purchase printable ebooks from Happy Saints to learn more about Happy Saints visit my precious post on them.

Free St. Valentines Day Scripture Count Down

I used this lovely craft with my own family last year and this year as part of a Catechism lesson for 3 & 4 year olds. We talked about how God has written us Love Letters and after the lesson they each completed this craft to have their own love letters from God to read each day with their families as they count down to the feast of St. Valentine! They loved making this craft -(with lots of help;)) We just glued the first scripture verse to teh top heart by folding it in half and then continued the chain down to save on using the pipe cleaners.  You can download this wonderful free resource from Catholic Icing


Sweet Printable Count Down Scripture Cards for Valentines Day from A Happy Home Fairy

As an alternative to doing a chain you might prefer making these sweet reusable countdown cards which could also be doubled up as valentines cards – by writing a personal message on the back!


Sweet brown paper sewn heart valentine from I can Teach My Child

If you have access to a sewing machine, brown paper and some treats this might be the right valentines craft for you. I would add a sweet little message to the front – like Love is patient, Love is Kind, Happy, Happy St. Valentines!

sewn heart valentine

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