Fun Spring Craft

March 4, 2011
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Here is a fun Spring Craft to do with your little ones – A Beautiful Rainbow

Step 1: Either take 1 large piece of paper and fold it in half or take 2 large pieces of paper and place them on top of each other then cut the arch of the rainbow

Step 2: Glue the two pieces together

Step 3: Do the same idea with your paper and cut out two clouds

Step 4: Set-up your paints, water, paint brushes or dish sponge (that’s what we used to get the thick smooth rainbow colours)

Step 5: Paint the rainbow with a sponge or paint brush

Step 6: Finger pain the clouds to make a nice cloud texture (your kids will love this part)

Step 7: Set it out to dry

Step 8: Glue the clouds on to the rainbow and enjoy!

Biblical Idea: First read the story of Noah’s Ark and talk about God’s Promise.

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