Great Books Highly Recommend for Kids and Preschoolers

December 16, 2010
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Great Books Highly Recommend for Kids and Preschoolers

Veggie Tales Storybook Bible

If your kids love these little veggies, they are going to love this sweet little bible. The book contains pictures from actual cartoons – each story begins with a question, is followed by a cute retelling of a bible story veggie tale style – with a great lesson to answer the question, a scripture verse and the actual bible passage the message is based on. It always wraps up with “Remember God loves you and made you special”. Our kids really enjoy this book especially the pictures. They sit flipping through it again and again.

I love finding deals we bought this at Costco and for only $9.99!

God Made You Special

A beautiful little book God Made You Special that tells your child just how unique, special and beautifully they are made by their creator God. It incorporates pictures of children from different cultural backgrounds, making it suitable for everyone. It lets your child know that Jesus is their friend and wants a relationship with them!

I love this little book – it was the book of 2009 for me I gave it with all my birthday, baptism and Christmas gifts – until all the young children we know around us owned it! It just is that sweet.

If every child could just hear God`s love for them and know how special they are what a world it would be!!

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