Have you heard about Cat Chat?

December 20, 2010
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Have you heard about Cat Chat?

It was a typical Sunday morning at our parish when we walked out and saw the Light House Media CD display table at the back of our church. But this Sunday was different I actually had extra money in my wallet and thought – let’s take a closer look at the CD’s they’re offering – well I can’t go into all the incredible CD’s that Light House Media offers in this posting – I will say it is well worth checking their website out – you’ll love what they offer.

I spotted some great CD’s by Scott Hahn, one by Kimberly Hahn, Matthew Kelly… and then I saw this CD called Cat Chat – All Saints Day Party Part 1 & 2 and  The Mass Comes AlivePart 1 & 2 noticed they were for kids and thought I’d pick them up. Well we put the Angels and Saints Party CD on and our lives were never the same again – as it first began a cat was talking about how we were going to learn about Cat Chat – Catholic Chat – I wasn’t sure what to expect – but then the audio show began with an array of characters, wonderful catholic teaching and cool well written songs to reinforce the lessons – my daughter whom was 3 at the time was hooked! All she wanted was Cat Chat – the following Sunday we picked up Part 2, the Sunday after that ordered CD’s to give away to about 10 friends, a week later I bought the whole set from their website, the week after the whole set for my two godsons! We even own the DVD – which has made its way around our friends and back again. Cat Chat is still a regular favourite in our home and car!

Everyone we have given the CD to has wanted more and passed their love on to new friends. This wonderful catholic audio show – features the same family in each CD and is packed with Catholic teachings, hip and catch music. Your car trips will never be the same as you sing along to “Cat Chat, Cat Chat Where I Learn more about Jesus…”

Although they are a bit of an investment they are worth every penny – kids aged 2 – 10 love these.  I’ve noticed that at the beginning of December for the past two years their CD’s have gone on sale for about $7 each – so if your budget can’t afford these right now – try buying them through light house media ($3 a CD or $2 MP) or waiting till December.

They also do live shows check their website to see if they’re coming to your area soon or do what my friend is and book them for your school!

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