Pastel Jesus Easter Egg Craft

Fast, fun and Easy Craft for Easter!

My daughter and I had a lot of fun painting these pastel easter eggs together. We painted ceramic eggs so we can use them next year. We mixed silver paint into each of the colours we used so that they would be a little metallic looking. This could easily be done with hard boiled or blown eggs instead and would display nicely in a basket as a center piece.

Celebrate a Saint A Day!


For years I have searched for a great resource to be able to share a saint a day with my kids. Last year I finally found a resource to make this possible – it is a great 12 month full colour kit to celebrate a saint a day – the kit come with a sticker activity booklet and a booklet with a short biography of the saint of the day.

Instead of using the sticker booklet we have laminated out sheets so that we can use them again and again each day. The only downside is that the Saints are based on the traditional saint calendar – so they don’t always line up with the current feast day. But if you use it as a tool to just teach your children about inspiring faith filled individuals on a daily basis it is a great resource and tool for any catholic home!

Two Wonderful Books we discovered

The Mass – I found this neat book at a Christian book story recently. I plan to use it to help my daughter prepare for 1st Communion. It is written as if Jesus is speaking directly to your child about the mass and why it is so important – in simple language the kids can understand and enjoy!

Saints Tell Their Stories – is a great book with stories written in first hand account from the perspective of the actual saint. This book features great saints like St. Boniface, St. Stephen, St. Therese and many more. A great 1st Communion gift – great from kids aged 5-10! My daughter loves reading one of these at our tea parties!

All Saints Day Cupcakes

This All Saints Day – I thought it would be great to send some Saint cupcakes to school with my daughter. had wonderful and fun drawings of saints that kids really enjoy. So I Printed , cut and laminated them – so now we will have them for years to come! I sent them with a book of Saint Stories which Mme. said the children really enjoyed too!

Way of the Cross for Kids

This year for Lent I thought I’d like to do the Way of the Cross with my daughter in a more detailed way. Last year I used a black and white copy of the stations of the cross form Catholic Art Work. I want to do something appropriate for children so I decided on purchasing and using the Glory Stories: Passion of Christ – Way of the Cross CD from Holy Heros. 

To accompany the CD, I also bought Holy Heros – The Road to Calvary Colouring book, so my daughter could have the visuals to go along with the CD. This set looks great, looking forward to do this with my daughter this Lent. I will also be giving these to my godsons too.

Description of the Way of the Cross CD from Holy Hero’s Website: “Mesmerizing way for our children to learn about and pray the Stations of the Cross. Children hear other children leading the prayers and offering short meditations and resolutions which match their own lives and connect them to Christ: obedience, telling the truth, trying again and again, making sacrifices for the ones they love, and more. Each station is described with sound effects which inspire the imagination as if you are there…and parents will learn something at the same time! English and Spanish on the same CD.”

Fun Spring Craft

Here is a fun Spring Craft to do with your little ones – A Beautiful Rainbow

Step 1: Either take 1 large piece of paper and fold it in half or take 2 large pieces of paper and place them on top of each other then cut the arch of the rainbow

Step 2: Glue the two pieces together

Step 3: Do the same idea with your paper and cut out two clouds

Step 4: Set-up your paints, water, paint brushes or dish sponge (that’s what we used to get the thick smooth rainbow colours)

Step 5: Paint the rainbow with a sponge or paint brush

Step 6: Finger pain the clouds to make a nice cloud texture (your kids will love this part)

Step 7: Set it out to dry

Step 8: Glue the clouds on to the rainbow and enjoy!

Biblical Idea: First read the story of Noah’s Ark and talk about God’s Promise.

Great Way to Encourage and Teach Your Children to Participate More Fully This Lent!

For the past couple years I have signed up my family to Holy Hero’s Lenten Adventures – – a free daily faith based program emailed directly to your email daily. This wonderful and unique program is produced by a great catholic family’s children. Each day they have 1 -2 You Tube Videos just jam packed with ideas, suggestions and encouragement for how your child can more fully participate in Lent. The videos also contain scripture and solid catholic faith instruction. You will also find free colour pages, prayers and more daily for your child to do. My daughter looks forward to these videos each day. They also have a free summer camp version too! So check out this incredible program today!

Holy Hero’s also sells a great variety of catholic products – Glory Story CD’s. The Treasure Box Books and more!

Looking for a great gift for the princess on your list?

Looking for a great gift for the princess on your list?

This amazing Princess Veggie Tales Castle will have your princess busy for hours and hours. At first glance it looks rather small but don’t be fooled – this set is well made and great value for money. The figures are about 3” in size, the castle is 12″ tall! My daughter received this for Christmas from her aunt and uncle and loves it!

You can get it at a great deal for only $19.99 at  I don’t know how they make it for this price.

They also have the movie Sweet Pea Beauty that goes along with this set at a great price too!

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