Celebrate a Saint A Day!


For years I have searched for a great resource to be able to share a saint a day with my kids. Last year I finally found a resource to make this possible – it is a great 12 month full colour kit to celebrate a saint a day – the kit come with a sticker activity booklet and a booklet with a short biography of the saint of the day.

Instead of using the sticker booklet we have laminated out sheets so that we can use them again and again each day. The only downside is that the Saints are based on the traditional saint calendar – so they don’t always line up with the current feast day. But if you use it as a tool to just teach your children about inspiring faith filled individuals on a daily basis it is a great resource and tool for any catholic home!

Two Wonderful Books we discovered

The Mass – I found this neat book at a Christian book story recently. I plan to use it to help my daughter prepare for 1st Communion. It is written as if Jesus is speaking directly to your child about the mass and why it is so important – in simple language the kids can understand and enjoy!

Saints Tell Their Stories – is a great book with stories written in first hand account from the perspective of the actual saint. This book features great saints like St. Boniface, St. Stephen, St. Therese and many more. A great 1st Communion gift – great from kids aged 5-10! My daughter loves reading one of these at our tea parties!

Adorable, fun, printable saint images, crafts and more that kids love!

Ever wanted a great resource of wonderful saint images you can print and use as cards, for crafts, cupcakes, stories and more! Well find it all now at happsaints! This wonderful websites is sure to bring a smile to anyone face! They also sell shirts, mugs and more – find the perfect gift for 1st communions, Christmas, birthdays and more!

Click here to visit Happy Saints.

All Saints Day Cupcakes

This All Saints Day – I thought it would be great to send some Saint cupcakes to school with my daughter. had wonderful and fun drawings of saints that kids really enjoy. So I Printed , cut and laminated them – so now we will have them for years to come! I sent them with a book of Saint Stories which Mme. said the children really enjoyed too!

Have you heard about Cat Chat?

Have you heard about Cat Chat?

It was a typical Sunday morning at our parish when we walked out and saw the Light House Media CD display table at the back of our church. But this Sunday was different I actually had extra money in my wallet and thought – let’s take a closer look at the CD’s they’re offering – well I can’t go into all the incredible CD’s that Light House Media offers in this posting – I will say it is well worth checking their website out – you’ll love what they offer.

I spotted some great CD’s by Scott Hahn, one by Kimberly Hahn, Matthew Kelly… and then I saw this CD called Cat Chat – All Saints Day Party Part 1 & 2 and  The Mass Comes AlivePart 1 & 2 noticed they were for kids and thought I’d pick them up. Well we put the Angels and Saints Party CD on and our lives were never the same again – as it first began a cat was talking about how we were going to learn about Cat Chat – Catholic Chat – I wasn’t sure what to expect – but then the audio show began with an array of characters, wonderful catholic teaching and cool well written songs to reinforce the lessons – my daughter whom was 3 at the time was hooked! All she wanted was Cat Chat – the following Sunday we picked up Part 2, the Sunday after that ordered CD’s to give away to about 10 friends, a week later I bought the whole set from their website, the week after the whole set for my two godsons! We even own the DVD – which has made its way around our friends and back again. Cat Chat is still a regular favourite in our home and car!

Everyone we have given the CD to has wanted more and passed their love on to new friends. This wonderful catholic audio show – features the same family in each CD and is packed with Catholic teachings, hip and catch music. Your car trips will never be the same as you sing along to “Cat Chat, Cat Chat Where I Learn more about Jesus…”

Although they are a bit of an investment they are worth every penny – kids aged 2 – 10 love these.  I’ve noticed that at the beginning of December for the past two years their CD’s have gone on sale for about $7 each – so if your budget can’t afford these right now – try buying them through light house media ($3 a CD or $2 MP) or waiting till December.

They also do live shows check their website to see if they’re coming to your area soon or do what my friend is and book them for your school!

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Feast Day Ideas!

My kids have just had a blast waiting for the feast of St. Nicholas this year. Reading stores about his life had them very excited for his feast day. A great craft we did this year on his feast day was colouring in this free beautiful holy cards that we found at The St. Nicholas Centre website.

They have these free printable St. Nicholas holy cards from Catholic Artworks (which I love) we printed them off in black and white so the kids could color them but they also have them for free in colour too!

Other Ideas for this Craft:

  • My daughter really enjoyed colouring these in -we have cut them out and are including them with some of the Christmas cards we`re mailing out!
  • She also cut St. Nicholas out and glued him to a popsicle stick to make her own puppet!
  • We emailed them to our nephew to enjoy on December 6th too

Great Movies for the Feast of St. Nicholas

We have two great movies we`d like to share about this great saint for kids!

The first is CCC`s video Nicolas: The Boy Who Became Santa – the kids really enjoy this movie. As true to most CCC video`s the try to stick to the real story and teach the virtue of the saint, leaving it as true to life as possible. We purchased our CCC video set from Catholic Video as it was the best deal we could find – the whole set for $99 and free shipping too.  It is a great quality cartoon with a great lesson:)

The Other movie we like is Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving – this is a cute retelling of the story of St. Nicolas. I don`t know about your kids but mine love veggie tales so this has been a big hit with them this year! It has all the veggie tale silliness, goodness and cuteness expect! You have come to know and love!

Here is another great craft for St. Nicholas you might enjoy – A Stocking Craft!

Stocking Craft for a Christmas gift, ornament or St. Nicholas Day!

A simple stocking craft for your family to enjoy for Christmas
or the feast St. Nicholas!

My daughter loves to be creative and make things but she also loves to give. So having a craft for her to make that turns into a gift after is perfect for us! I came up with this simple stocking craft idea which resulted in us spending the whole day – tracing, cutting, hole punching, stringing, writing, decorating and stuffing.

Step 1: Make a stencil of a stocking that fit on half a piece of paper

Step 2: Take a new piece of construction or card stock paper and folded it in half

Step 3:  Trace the stocking on to one side of the folded paper

Step 4: Cut the stocking up (you will end up with two identical stockings)

Step 5: Hold the two pieces of stocking together and hole punch from the one side around to the other

Step 6: Cut a piece of string or ribbon

Step 7: String the ribbon or string through both top holes of one side of the stocking and tie the ribbon or string.

Step 8: Sting the remainder of the ribbon or string through the stocking either top to bottom or to create a different look always from top to top

Step 9: Tie the ribbon or string off.

Step 10: Decorate

Step 11: Hang on the tree or fill with a little treat to make it a gift (we used little raisin boxes, stickers or small bite sized chocolates for ours)

We hope you enjoy making these as much as we did. My 2 year old son really loved helping string the stockings together (great fine motor skill builder).

They work as great ornaments once the recipient has opened and enjoyed their treat!

Pumpkin Carving for All Saints Day

This Halloween – in honour of All Saints Day take your pumpkin carving to a new level!

We carved these  pumpkins for our All Saints Party – Godly Gords Contest and took 1st place with the baby in the womb pumpkin:)

Why not try something new this year!

Find some amazing ideas with templates and be inspired at Catholic Cuisine

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