Amazing Saint Craft & Gift!

Every now and then you fall in love with something that is just so amazing that you have to share it! Well a few weeks ago Catholic Icing came out with this beautiful A-Z full color Saint Set – it is just gorgeous! I fell in love and purchased the set right away it was on sale for $6 at the time but is still only $8. I had it printed in glossy card stock paper so that we didn’t have to wait for 26 toilet roll holders. Let me tell you they printed beautifully. They are so beautiful we couldn’t keep them to ourselves  so we printed them and have given them as a little surprise gift to our godchildren as well as some close friends. Everyone whom has received them has glowed as they received them!


There is so many ways you can use these too:

  • cut them and use them as decorations to reinforce feast days or letters of the alphabet
  • paper dolls
  • great craft for a catechism class or classroom
  • Makes a great gift!
  • link together as a banner in a room
  • cut and tape side by side to use as wall paper
  • cut the saints out and glue them on to cards for name days, baptisms, birthdays

I am sure people have even better ideas then I do – so if you do please share them on the comments below!


Happy Feast of the Archangels!

A couple weeks ago I was apart of a little discussion on Facebook. Another women had asked ‘how do you celebrate the feast of St. Michael”, to which I replied a craft, prayers and a tea party. I laughed as I posted it and it turned out my post caused much laughter as people thought about brave St. Michael being celebrated in such a way. But I was not alone in celebrating the feast with tea and angel food cake. My kids love celebrating feast days – we are blessed with a faith that has so many wonderful saints and traditions to celebrate. You could celebrate everyday is you wanted to really with the list of saints. We are just so blessed.

May your family have a blessed and joy filled feast of the Archangels!



St. Michael the Archangel means ‘Who is like God’ – whom is referred to as the ‘prince’ of the heavenly hosts and whom can be seen in the book of Revelations. (Jude 1:9)  Free St. Michael the Archangel Colouring Page by Matilda

Angel Gabriel –means ‘Strength of God’ –who is best  known for the Annunciation to Mary, that she would be the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God (Luke 1:26-38) – Nice St. Gabriel Colouring Page by Matilda

Angel Raphael – means ‘Medicine of God’ -whom we see in the book of Tobas Free St. Raphael Colouring Page by Matilda